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  • Play-along trainer for improvisation.
  • Advanced pattern trainer for developing speed and finger technique.
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    Also, once you have learned what I have presented above, you should have a good understating of the process and it will be quick to add more positions and scales to your repertoire. In reality, I’m probably learning too many things at once, but don’t really know what to prioritise. Only because I’ve wanted it more than anything else.

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    When you lock into the patterns you can play any of these on any note. Perhaps the developer only done that for beginners.

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    For instance, it can simply be your teacher when it comes to learning new stuff or getting better at it. Each scale uses a different combination of those 12 notes and because of that, you end up playing the same notes eventually. Just be yourself, and I promise the sounds made will feel like an extension of yourself describing all that you are. It works with all basic chords but not all will ring true.


    To build speed you will want to practice them with a metronome. Often all the chords in a progression are formed from the same scale and are in the same key and in this case, you often use the one scale over the whole progression. Then descend back down to the bottom, then ascend to the original bottom red dot again.

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    It goes back to how most people learn anything in life structure then improvisation. Also, playing over minor chords/minor keys…………. A program to recognize chords in a song Slow down music, pitch shift to learn guitar Guitar tutorial using video lessons – 2 free! You can focus on theory, different styles of guitar, beginners courses or different artists styles to name just a few of the sort of categories of lessons in their members area. This is the best method that I know of for learning scales You should put the ‘how to read necks’ section first, maybe as something expandable.

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    Grabbing your FREE copy of the Guitar Song Guidebook: “Become A Guitar God And Rule The Neck FAST With The 3 Components Of Guitar Control”. Clicking this link will start the installer to download Guitar Scales Method free for Windows.

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    For me, it’s figuring out where they all are so if your playing in a Major Key, you don’t “Accidentally” throw in a note which doesn’t fit. Interactive lessons encourage you to play along, with options to configure sound, and even tune your guitar. In terms of scales, I suggest people learn them in the order presented above. However being a guitar teacher myself, I would strongly NOT recommend this program for a beginner.If you’re looking for some serious chops, don’t bother with this program. I play a 12 String A/E Solo and sing, simply because I don’t have to worry about following someone else’s timing or making myself or someone else look bad.

    So my question is what scales should I concentrate on to play Classic Rock music, which is the style I like. (60′s, 70′s, 80′s)? In this regard, Guitar Scales Method aims to help you learn chords by playing along while also following helpful instructions. If you have software or keygen to share, feel free to submit it to us here. The scales with the root on the 5th string are the ones you want to use in this case.

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    I think understanding this sort of concept is the best place to start in understanding what scale you should use. These are good examples of this and would typically imply the one scale.